Business Planning & Valuation

Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding your existing one with a merger, TLT Accountants is here to help you take that step into the business sphere. We’ve navigated countless business start-up processes and acquisitions, and while the process isn’t always smooth sailing, having the right partner and the right tools will make it much easier to get your efforts onto the right path.

Business Planning

TLT Accountants is here to partner with you from before your business even exists: our professional business experts will sit down with you to formulate a comprehensive business plan, lay out a strategy and put together all of the elements that make up a successful start-up. Many entrepreneurs find that their concept is an excellent one, but laying out a proper business plan that includes all of the necessary pieces is a time-consuming process.

It is also not easy to know where to start, particularly in an environment where so many new businesses close their doors within the first year of operations. Your business doesn’t have to be one of them: with proper planning and the right financial management help, you can thrive. We are happy to assist with business plans and advice for entrepreneurs, where we can start you out on your journey to prosperity.

We’ll advise you on how to register your business, how to manage your capital, how to set up your accounts, how to begin operations and much more. We’re here to make sure that you set out with a clear vision and plan that is easy to execute, and where there is difficulty, we’re here to assist and make sure you weather the storms. It’s just another reason TLT Accountants is not just about the numbers; we’re an organisation that is invested directly in your success, no matter when you start your business journey with us.

Business Valuations

When forming partnerships or carrying out mergers, the resulting new business ends up with a whole new financial landscape that has to be managed effectively. If you’re looking to buy a business or sell your own, knowing the value of the business is crucial to making sure that the acquisition or merger is done properly. Even if it is not a total acquisition, business valuations help to solidify share prices in cases where portions or majorities of businesses are purchased.

Paying too much for an over-valued business can lead to the acquisition being significantly less profitable than initially forecast; paying too little can mean that the previous owners walk away feeling duped, and legal action could be the result. Having an independent financial organisation do a valuation gives both parties the ‘second opinion’ that will put everyone involved at ease.Accurate business valuations are a fair and equitable way to make sure that businesses can join hands successfully and work together towards much greater financial success. TLT Accountants can meticulously and accurately carry out business valuations for your own business if it is about to be sold, or one which you are looking at acquiring.