Software Sales & Support

Cutting-edge financial management and accounting requires more than just the right people: it’s about having the right tools for the job. TLT Accountants has gone through the process of finding the most efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective software solution for South African businesses. While there are many bookkeeping and accounting software options out there, we have consistently found that the Pastel product suite offers the most value and the most effective product support throughout the country.

We specialise in offering Sage Pastel Accounting and Pastel Payroll – two software products that greatly enhance the operations of any business. Used together, keeping your business books up to date and your employees paid speedily and accurately will become easy.

To delivery these software options to your business best, TLT Accountants will acquire the software package for you, and then travel to your business to carry out full installation and setup. Furthermore, we design Pastel Stationery and we provide operational support – a representative of TLT Accountants can assist you at any time if you get stuck with your software or need a hand if a more complex transaction comes up.

The only thing we can’t handle is technical support if the software itself malfunctions. That is handled directly by Sage Pastel Support, which is on hand throughout the business day and on Saturdays to assist with any problems that might arise. When Sage Support isn’t available, we’ll try and assist as best we can – if we can’t, we’ll refer the query to them and they’ll handle it.

When we do your Sage Pastel setup, we’ll send someone to your business to run through the functionality and features of your chosen Pastel option, so that you’ve got simple, clear guidance. It’s about giving you the confidence to run the operations of your business the way you want, while remaining fully compliant with all of your records being kept safe for us to use and for SARS to review when tax season comes around. Peace of mind and ease of use are at the centre of what we offer.

We can also add the Pastel suite that best suits your enterprise into your business plan – when you know exactly what you’re in for, you’ll be able to plan better for your budgets and forecasts. Many entrepreneurs forget to include administration tools in their considerations and planning, so they end up with lower-than-expected earnings or surprise bills. Streamlining the administration process isn’t about selling you something else you just don’t need; it’s about saving you time and avoiding penalties when invoices go missing or records haven’t been kept properly. Very often, business owners need all the help they can get.

Our Sage Pastel offerings are all part of our commitment to making business setup and management as easy as possible, whereTLT Accountants can be at your side throughout your business journey. Centralising your source of business advice, services and software makes it easy to have one contact that will handle all of your enterprise’s admin while you dedicate your time to what’s important – realising your business dreams.